In the last month, I’ve logged over 75 hours of travel time just in airports and planes alone (the long trip to Bali will get you to 55!). This much travel has instilled in me that it is possible to pack light and still arrive in one-piece, looking somewhat refreshed.  And if you’re anything like me, you require ample room for plenty of healthy carry-on snacks, which is all the more reason to ditch the extra pair of heels in favor of a homemade granola mix (trust me, you will thank yourself during hour 15 of the flight).


Speaking of traveling light, my new carry-on travel suitcase has been a game-changer. Lightweight, completely durable and somewhat expandable – I was able to cram in all my bali purchases, including mala beads, straw purses, silk robes and Indonesian spice mixes.  


Pre flight I slipped into these, which are like walking on pillows – never traveling without them again – and brought these along just in case.


I swung this around the top handle of my luggage, and while not the most discreet travel companion, it was certainly what saved me (and got me 7+ hours sleep on my night flight to Bali). After being dragged across planes, boats, and cars, one cycle through the washing machine and it was as good as new.


In flight, I opted for the raw vegan meals and always had these  just an arm’s length away to keep me feeling full and fueled (without spiking my sugar). I took this each travel morning for an extra immunity boost.


This lavender spray kept me fresh and clean during flight and the scent transported me worlds away from the stale airplane cabin.  


During my stopover in Taipei en route to Bali, I checked into the lounge, where the steamed green tea, sweet potatoes and congee saved my belly and provided a necessary refresh before the second leg.


With a little of this spritzed into my hair and a refreshing face wash with my usual products in travel size, I arrived to my final destination ready to explore the best of bali!